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Mon Jun 21 20:24:21 UTC 2021

Nushell ( is a re-imagined shell for Linux (etc) systems.  There are a number of things to like about it, IMHO.  First, it attempts to handle program output as structured data.  This means that, for example, tabular output can be filtered, sorted, etc.  It is also being written in Rust, which should help to prevent a large class of security issues.

However, the use of text-based layout for tabular output isn't well suited for use with screen readers, etc.  So, I posted an issue on the Nushell Git repository, suggesting that someone look into the notion of creating a web-based version.  Happily, some work has already been done on this, mostly to support an online demo.

If you find this to be interesting, you might want to browse over to their sites and check out what they have so far.  Specific suggestions on ways to make the interface work better with screen readers (etc) would be very valuable.  Here are some links:

-r (Rich Morin)

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