Running Android Voices in Linux?

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Sun Mar 7 18:04:48 UTC 2021

The package is called magic-wornhole, but it's a one-to-one transfer, 
meaning one person can't post a wormhole code and then anyone can get 
the file in that way. Only the first person to use the code receives the 
file. It's a great way to send a file or even a folder from one computer 
to another, but the code would need to be sent in a more private place 
so that only the intended recipient receives it. There is something to 
be said for a one-to-many type of wornhole transfer, where a code could 
be posted to a public list such as this and then everyone who has it 
could get the file. But at least for now, nothing like this is implemented.

I do wonder about the legality of sharing a file like the one proposed 
here. This is not at all open source software, so just sharing it on 
this list could be of questionable legality. I would caution against it. 
I think it's better to propose and implement improvements in the free 
open source software that already exists rather than sharing unlicensed 
sdk's for proprietary software in this way.


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