Decluttering Thunderbird/other alternatives?

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Thu Mar 18 15:29:09 UTC 2021

Tim here.

I know that it's possible to hide the icon-bar(s) at the top and to
reconfigure them to remove unused portions.  Though I'm not sure how
accessible the "modify toolbars" interface is.  However, I'm not sure
about the tabbing-twice-to-get-to-the-subject-field aspect.

As for alternative programs, I guess it would depend on what features
of Thunderbird that you use.  Do you use multiple accounts or just
one email account?  Do you use any other plug-ins for things like
encrypted/signed email, RSS, or calendaring (I think that's what
Lightning is, but I'm a tad confused there, since I had understood it
had been moved to an add-on, so you should be able to use the add-on
manager to remove it if you don't want Lightning to appear in your

Of similar functionality to Thunderbird:

If you use a Gnome-based desktop, then Evolution might fit your

If you use a KDE-based desktop, KMail might suffice.

Both of those are fairly tightly tied to their desktop environment,
so the accessiblity should be comparable.

I primarily use Claws mail, though I'm not sure how well it
plays with other accessiblity tech like Orca.

>From the other end, there are a number of CLI mail clients that would
be roughly as accessible as your terminal.  I know that both
mutt/neomutt and alpine have some configuration options to make it
more screen-reader/Braille friendly; there's aerc and sup/alot too,
though I have less experience with them.  If you use a single mail
account with something like fetchmail and sendmail, the classic
"mail" program works pretty well.  

With a better idea of how you use mail (and how comfortable you are
at a command-line), it might help us give better ideas/suggestions.


On March 18, 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> So is there a way I can declutter Thunderbird to be simpler/easier
> to navigate? I don't /need/ Lightningtaking up space, or having to
> tab twice in writing a message to get to the subject field.
> So can I do anything to declutter Thunderbird. Or are there any 
> alternative email programs that are just as good as Thunderbird
> that work great with Orca?
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