Are Their Any Other Graphical Screen-Readers in Linux, Other than ORCA?

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Fri Mar 19 00:34:44 UTC 2021

Wow, Karen, I absolutely loved your challenging inquiree. I would probably just 
stay in the console if all web-sites were simple-and-text friendly, as they 
were in 1997, before javascript ruined so much of our experiences. Next, I 
would be thrilled to enjoy the best of both worlds of Vocal-Eyes and Speakup. 
Vocal-Eyes was powerful with several dictionaries to customize how things were 
spoken when read or typed. While I was rather happy in DOS for many years, 
Linux provides me lots of sound options, I have 4 sound-cards with a 
switch-box. I have 24 active consoles. Certainly, I would like to enjoy more 
voices in a console in Linux, as there are in windows SAPI4. Also, OCR was so 
simple when I had Openbook, but while there are certainly tools in Linux, you 
must assemble your own scripts along the way. So, Karen-and-others, do those 
answer your exciting questions? Thanks so much in advance.

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