Solus is....sort of fixed?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Wed Mar 24 12:23:42 UTC 2021

As the subject says, Solus 4.2 has a workable installer. I'm creeping 
back toward Solus because, more up to date packages than Ubuntu, but I'm 
just a bit confused by a few things.

Now. These may all be caused by having a weird VM setup, yeah, let me 
state that.

Brave installs fine, no messing with PPA or downloading files, which is 
a huge, huge plus for me. I've yet to test Skype or Discord, or try 
building Orca from git, but here's my few maybe VM issues...

Brave breaks the system a little. By that I mean, okay, Brave installs 
but it's not accessible despite claiming to be 89.X...even with the 
flags set properly. That may be down to my weird VM setup however.

On the other hand Solus is still as zippy as I remember it being on the 
Mate desktop. If I can get MPV and such installed I can nearly replicate 
my Ubuntu setup on Solus, minus all the added packages

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