FYI - The Yggdrasil Screen Reader Project

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Tue Nov 2 01:26:16 UTC 2021

FWIW, I just ran across this in Hacker News...

> Accessibility on Linux has historically been under-developed, under-maintained, and, therefore, gained a reputation of being quite painful to use as a daily driver among disabled people. We want to change that.
> Yggdrasil is a new project that aims to create a better Linux screen reader, written in Rust. Through this project, we aim to provide a better screen reading experience than the one we currently have in Orca. A screen reader with all the modern features a Windows or MacOS user would expect from their computers, some of which are outlined below.
> 	• Object navigation
> 	• OCR
> 	• customisable navigation commands
> 	• a powerful add-on mechanism
> 	• and more.

The Yggdrasil Screen Reader Project

- Rich Morin

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