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FYI, I have a PR open for object navigation in Orca here:

However, this probably still requires some work, and I suspect it will be
easier to add in once the migration to the libpeas plugin framework is



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> Hello,
> > Accessibility on Linux has historically been under-developed,
> under-maintained,
> And thus let's split the effort instead of joining? Ew.
> > Members of the Rust community are reimplementing a number of C-based
> programs, making the argument that they can improve on the current state of
> the art.
> That is right for various C-based programs that are a pain to maintain
> because of C. Orca is not a pain to maintain because of Python, it's a
> pain to develop because the problem itself is complex. Rewriting in Rust
> won't change that.
> > On the other hand, choices are good.
> Choices are good when there are enough people to work on the various
> choices. Split the community, and instead of having one good software,
> you have two poor software.
> > not a tremendous amount of development occurring on either.
> That's just a matter of people joining in.
> > Does Orca have object navigation? No flat review is not the same thing.
> Where is the feature request for object navigation?  Where is the pull
> request to propose an implementation?
> > Also, I can't remember which, but other the Orca dev or someone on
> Mastodon
> > reviewing Orca's code said that, I believe the Terminal-access code is
> > "black magic".
> For terminal access, it'll be much more interesting to run brltty, which
> has decades of experience.
> brltty -b ba -x a2 -N
> Note that the "black magic" inserted in Orca is most often because it's
> the application itself which exposes bogus information.
> Samuel
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