How to get speech in a console session?

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Fri Nov 5 18:03:19 UTC 2021

Well, here are a couple of suggestions along with an opinion. You could 
probably run an
sudo apt install espeakup
or espeak
While I am not fond of those voices, you could purchase much better quality 
voices from Voxin from
For the IBM TTS its only $5  but the newer imbeded voices are more. I must 
confess, while in Slint, it was a bit easier getting those newer voices. In 
Debian, its easier to use "voxinup" to switch from an espeak to voxin, but 
newer voxin use "speechd-up" I understand that in both Debian-and-Slint, trying 
Fenrar may make some of this process easier. Best of luck

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