How do you format a disk using slint?

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Fri Nov 12 01:37:59 UTC 2021

Hello folks,

I have been playing with linux for almost two weeks by now.  It seems 
that I have settled on slint. I installed it on a 128 GB SD disk and I 
find it very fast and responsive. I have begun to use it for my email 
and internet browsing on daily bases. I have not used it for word 
processing yet, but it looks that the system can be used quite 
efficiently with the Libre office.

Now I need to figure out how to format disks and make backup copies of 
my work.

I went through all the GUI menus and could not find any utility for 
formatting USB drives or SD disks, as a first step for backup of my 
work. Is this task undoable in the GUI environment and I have to look 
for the use of terminal for formatting disks?



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