How do you format a disk using slint?

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Fri Nov 12 09:34:32 UTC 2021


1. Restart to another system from external disk or flash.
2. Shrink your installed system as much as you can with Gparted. If you 
have one partition, it will be easier. If you have two partitions, you 
must shrink them all (system and data). If the system is on the extended 
partition, this tutorial will don't work.
3. In Terminal cd to the folder where you want to have your backup of 
system and write:
sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=file.iso
4. Wait for finish the work. It would be slow. It depends on disk speed 
and system size.
5. After finishing the work, erase disk again and restart to your system.


Tried on Ubuntu Mate or Debian or Vinux. My friend found this way to 
backup systems and it works many years for us. Be careful, you have to 
control, what is your system what you want to backup if it's SDA1 or 
SDB1 or what.

Take care.

Best regards

Dne 12. 11. 21 v 2:37 Linux for blind general discussion napsal(a):
> Hello folks,
> I have been playing with linux for almost two weeks by now.  It seems 
> that I have settled on slint. I installed it on a 128 GB SD disk and I 
> find it very fast and responsive. I have begun to use it for my email 
> and internet browsing on daily bases. I have not used it for word 
> processing yet, but it looks that the system can be used quite 
> efficiently with the Libre office.
> Now I need to figure out how to format disks and make backup copies of 
> my work.
> I went through all the GUI menus and could not find any utility for 
> formatting USB drives or SD disks, as a first step for backup of my 
> work. Is this task undoable in the GUI environment and I have to look 
> for the use of terminal for formatting disks?
> Cheers,
> Ibrahim
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