any other accessible email client for linux?

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Sat Nov 13 18:27:58 UTC 2021

Sylpheed is usable now? As I recall, the last time I tried it, I 
couldn't read ... something ... I forget ... I think it was the list of 
messages. I had the same trouble with Claws Mail as I recall, and I 
wasn't able to read a message body using Balsa either. The only email 
applications I've gotten nearly fully working with Orca are Thunderbird, 
which is by far the easiest to use, followed by Seamonkey with the 
--mail flag, followed by Evolution, which mostly works, but does have a 
long-standing bug that neither I nor the Evolution developers have been 
able to track down, where parts of some messages are not spoken. But if 
Sylpheed is in fact becoming usable, perhaps it can get to a level of 
usability and screen reader access that could surpass even Thunderbird 
and Seamonkey.


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