any other accessible email client for linux?

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I agree.  If you are going to use a terminal client, Alpine works pretty
good.  At least it did when I used it a long time ago.  If I recall
correctly, with Mutt you need to create a configure file by hand before you
can do anything with it.  At least pine creates a default file and if you
want to change it, you can go into the menu to do that.

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The Mutt email client should come with a warning label:


I'm sure if you like emacspeak, you'll probably love Mutt, as I gave up
on EMACS as a whole after 5 minutes and gave up on Mutt after about 2
weeks. But someone who is using Thunderbird as the thread starter has
said should steer clear of Mutt and avoid it like the untamed, mangy,
flea-bitten dog that it is.


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