any other accessible email client for linux?

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Sat Nov 13 20:12:29 UTC 2021

Tim here.  I addition to those already listed (Claws/Sylpheed,
Evolution, Mutt, and Alpine), one might try KMail in a GUI, though I
don't know how accessible it is.

If you use the command-line, you have

- the already-mentioned mutt/neomutt (powerful, but complex to
  configure, especially complex when it comes to multiple accounts)

- the already-mentioned Alpine (has configuration screens that let you
  twiddle most of the configuration knobs without needing to directly
  edit a config file.  It's not quite as powerful as mutt, but also
  easier to configure for the basic stuff)

- classic mail/mailx (I use this regularly for reading my system
  mailbox where cron-job results end up)

- s-nail (like classic mail/mailx but with access to IMAP & POP3)

- mh/nmh (more like command-line utilities for interacting with a
  local mail-store)

- aerc (a new TUI kid on the block, friendlier like Alpine)

- sup/alot backed by notmuch (fast, great at handling lots of email)

- m4e (an emacs mail client)

The linear nature of mail/mailx/s-nail/mh/nmh can make them work well
with a screen-reader, where you just have input and output without
having to do any sort of screen-review.

Hopefully those give you some options to explore and see what you


On November 13, 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello friends,
> I am wondering if there is another accessible email client that
> works seamlessly with linux? Currently I am using thunderbird. It
> is very accessible with linux. However, the fact that it brings so
> many firefox tabs which are not directly email related is annoying.
> I want an email client that is simple and purely email, no other
> features. Do you guys recommend a particularly simple yet
> accessible client?
> Cheers,
> Ibrahim
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