any other accessible email client for linux?

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Sun Nov 14 01:13:37 UTC 2021

Oh but no!
Pine was created first, is speaking personally, far more stable for that 
alpine is a continuation of the pine project, providing additional 
options, and able to be Incorporated into  some extra things these days 
like  those keys some mail services use.
I know I am not objective, Alpine as installed and configured by dreamhost 
is far less stable to my tastes.
I dare say it is a matter of personal choices, how important it is to you 
that your client is  still under current development.

On Sat, 13 Nov 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Good for you and Pine;  LOL.  Not sure I know the difference between Pine 
> and Alpine; they are identical in all respects I have encountered, anyway.  
> Maybe it's a question of brands or licensing?  Elm is also good, assuming 
> it's still around.
> -Dave  -
> On 11/13/21 19:54, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>  using pine right now to create this email,  and recommend it very much
>>  indeed. 
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