any other accessible email client for linux?

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Sun Nov 14 19:46:19 UTC 2021

Alpine allows opening an url in email; using the browser of your choice.

But aside from being tied to a terminal or a text-only virtual console, 
Alpine reads email one screenful at a time, making it impossible to 
navigate by element, and making it very difficult to skip or eliminate 
quoted messages that people mostly on non-screen reader-related lists 
like to quote, requote and rerequote 50 times, which gets unwieldy very 
quickly. The other problem with screenful reading is that I have no 
access to continuous arrow navigation, a SayAll function or something 
like paragraph navigation that is usually available in desktop text 
editors. It is also more difficult to select, copy and paste parts of a 
message using a terminal, although it's not impossible. It's just not 
consistent with other desktop applications. For many people these 
wouldn't be huge problems, but my personal workflow does require things 
to be continuously scrollable and SayAll functionality to be available, 
as well as select/copy/paste functionality consistent with other desktop 
applications to be available at times. I may have a different view for 
my personal use if the message body opened into something similar to 
w3m, which is scrollable, especially since element navigation through 
email isn't quite as important as it is in a browser and I don't select 
parts of messages to be pasted into other files or applications very 
often, with the obvious exception of temporary passwords or verification 
codes, so perhaps this is a feature that could be proposed for a future 
release, unless of course it already exists and I don't know it. The one 
possible showstopper for me would of course be threading. Anything that 
doesn't support message threading would of course be a deal breaker for 
sure. I prefer all threads to be collapsed, and to expend only the 
threads I want to read, deleting the entire thread if I'm not interested 
in reading it. If Alpine can do this, I could certainly run it on one of 
my servers or in my own terminal, possibly as a backup if Thunderbird 
fails, although I haven't seen this happen in years.


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