any other accessible email client for linux?

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Sun Nov 14 20:39:50 UTC 2021

Looking at alpine, the first thing I noticed is that I can set an inbox 
path and an smtp server, but I can't seem to set an imap server, and I 
couldn't immediately find the encryption, port and authentication 
settings even for smtp. I really do like the menu interface, most of it 
with single-key mnemonic functions, but there's just too much here that 
I can't seem to figure out, like how to set up imap email, although I do 
know that it's possible. Problem is even reading the man page isn't 
helping me get through all the config options, and only my page-up, 
page-down, home and end keys are navigating through the configurations, 
making it difficult to set a single option, and I don't see any show 
cursor or similar command line option that will allow my screen reader 
to speak the configuration I would be setting. Unfortunately, even the 
most inaccessible desktop email applications make it easy enough to set 
up a mailbox using imap and smtp settings, complete with 
security/encryption and authentication. I think what I'm looking for is 
some kind of "setup new mailbox" menu selection, but I don't immediately 
see that. It seems it looks good for local mail, but I'm not finding any 
remote mailbox setup. I did see message threading options, which 
definitely helps with that issue, but remote mailbox configuration 
definitely needs to be easier to do right from the setup menu or the 
main screen that I see when I open alpine.


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