any other accessible email client for linux?

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Sun Nov 14 23:28:06 UTC 2021

When in the configuration screen, use the 'w' command to search for the 
string "show-cursor", or the like, and hit 'space' on that.  Once the 
cursor is showing, you should be able to hear where you are.  It is like 
checkboxes.  There will be an 'x' in the ones that are selected.

You won't find a field called imap server, but you will find various 
paths, including one for inbox.  You have to include port numbers and 
remote pathnames.  An example line might be:

"inboxpath={dahunt at}inbox"

With your favorite search engine, look for something like "pine gmail". 
There are several example files on the net.  These files are 
human-readable and editable.  Remember, the file in question is called 
"~/.pinerc".  If you want to edit this file with a gui program like 
pluma, that will work.  In order to have your file manager show you the 
files with names beginning with '.', use 'ctrl+h', in a file manager window.


Dave  Hunt  <ka1cey at>

On 11/14/21 18:14, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> the smtp server etc. The problem is that moving into these fields with 
> the arrows does not work. I get no 

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