any other accessible email client for linux?

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Mon Nov 15 01:20:40 UTC 2021

thanks Kyle. I will do what you did and get these things out of my screen.



On 11/14/21 8:00 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Why do they make it so complicated? Wouldn't it be easier if we are 
> put on an editable screen where we can just move from field to field 
> with the tab key or the arrow keys? and at the end submit or save?
> I wish I knew the answer to that question. Over the years, I have come 
> to the conclusion that desktops and their applications tend toward 
> consistency, whereas text/terminal applications seem to thrive on 
> inconsistency and trying to be as different as possible from one another.
>> I will play with it and see if I could figure it out. If I could hide 
>> the chat and the calendar from thunderbird I would not try any other 
>> email applications.
> I don't have chat on my Thunderbird, but I did change edit -> 
> Preferences -> Chat -> when Thunderbird starts so that it now says 
> Keep my chat accounts offline. I also disabled the Today Pane and the 
> Message Pane in the view menu the first time I opened Thunderbird, 
> although I no longer see any "Today Pane" setting in View -> Layout in 
> Thunderbird 91, but I don't see it on my message window either.
> ~Kyle
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