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Mon Nov 15 20:01:32 UTC 2021

Hi whoever I am answering to,

telegram-cli is included  an up to date Slint system, please do not use 
to add it, as this could lead to a conflict between two versions installed.
Further, the version shipped in Slint is newer that the one available from

So I suggest you remove all installed versions, then reinstall with this
command typed as root:
slapt-get -i telegram-cli

As an aside, I suggest to use slapt-src rather than sbopkg.

To know more:

Didier Spaier
Slint maintainer

Le 15/11/2021 à 08:32, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Having used the package and got logged into telegram and having joined a
> group and a channel either something isn't configured correctly on my
> system or this package for linux is badly crippled.
> The export_card and import_card methods throw error 71 which is unknown
> error and that's about all this package can do.
> Has anyone had better luck with this package and if so, what am I missing
> from software packages and/or configuration?  I used slint to install this
> from telegram-cli.sqf package with sbopkg and I created telegram-cli.sqf
> with sqg before doing an installation.

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