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Mon Nov 15 21:05:38 UTC 2021

To me there's a  place for both, but I personally find it easier to use 
GUI stuff and there's certain things (like VOIP and such) I can't do as 
easily* from a CLI interface however, or Youtube videos without a lot of 
configuring or setting things up. The recent discussion on Alpine 
highlights this pretty well, with Alpine being trickier to set up 
compared to a GUI email client. Both have their places, but also both 
can/should coexist.

* By VOIP I mean stuff like Skype/Discord/etc which to my knowledge, 
they have either killed off or heavily crack down on CLI stuff

On 11/15/21 21:01, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> There have always been more command line packages than g.u.i. packages how
> else could command line packages have ever been where you go to get under
> the hood?
> On Mon, 15 Nov 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Hello,
>> if there will be more cli than gui apps, I am afraid of the end of Orca
>> development. If all people will have cli only, gui can be less accessible.
>> That's only my opinion, I am not saying I am 100% correct.
>> Vojta.
>> Dne 15. 11. 21 v 19:21 Linux for blind general discussion napsal(a):
>>> You ever heard the saying, "the command line makes difficult tasks
>>> easy and impossible tasks merely difficult"?" There is a lot of truth
>>> to that. Often I can, w/a few keystrokes, relatively speaking,
>>> accomplish in minutes what it would take hours for a GUI to
>>> accomplish, assuming it could do so at all, which is not always
>>> accurate.
>>> Of course I'm saying there should be accessible GUI apps for those who
>>> wish to use them. But even in century 21, there are still many cases
>>> where the cli is more powerful. Yeah, there are exceptions, but for
>>> the most part it holds true.
>>> On 11/15/21, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hello,
>>>> I prefer gui apps, because is 21st century, not time of first computers.
>>>> If we want linux will more popular, it must have more gui apps. I agree,
>>>> cli is better for older and slow computers or if you want work without
>>>> spinning computer ventilators, but learn with gui is in my oppinion
>>>> easier than cli.
>>>> Take care.
>>>> Best regards
>>>> Vojta.
>>>> Dne 15. 11. 21 v 18:59 Linux for blind general discussion napsal(a):
>>>>> The topic of using gui vs. cli came up recently.  My view is the cli
>>>>> allows much more individual control over software functions.  The gui is
>>>>> oftn limited to what the developer decides is best for you as to function
>>>>> and individual control.  The gui was originally sold as an easier
>>>>> way to use computers; which meant in practice the developer trying to
>>>>> guess how users might want to use it at the cost of greater individual
>>>>> control.
>>>>> Menu driven cli software is the obvious middle ground for ease of learning
>>>>> and using programs, which could easily use mouse input.  The
>>>>> developer could have a default setup for ease of beginner use.  But it was
>>>>> at the time not the new sexy flash bang eye candy which graphics
>>>>> allowed.
>>>>>     -- ent- XR
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