any other accessible email client for linux?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Mon Nov 15 22:10:58 UTC 2021

Alpine has an export message function. That message is saved to a file of
> your choice.  You can then background alpine and open that file say with
> url-view and get to urls without screenfull restrictions.  Also use
> probably in mate atrl to read that exported file for any other needs.

Woe ouch. I think I'll just stick to Thunderbird and/or Seamonkey. I was able to 
set it up in a minute or two, and I can just collapse all my threads, read the 
individual message I want, use the tab key or element navigation similar to the 
browsers to get to links, open them with the enter key in the browser of my 
choice, or I can even copy them and paste them into a browser, a text editor, 
another email, or even a shell in a terminal if I want. All this in a very 
consistent way where all these applications have similar keys and functions. I 
do wish Balsa, Geary, Sylpheed, etc worked better with Orca, giving us more 
choices, but I can already see that Seamonkey tends to be much faster even just 
opening the application than Thunderbird, so I think I've made a switch, 
although it is possible to keep both.

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