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Tue Nov 16 18:28:44 UTC 2021

I use a gui for specific tasks.  In general; using key commands with it requires at least 3 times as many key inputs to perform what a cli
program does with one key command.  Another advanttage is that I often combine a number of programs/utillities in a shell script or alias so
the combination works like a custom designed single program.  This often uses the output of one as the input of another in one single process;
something almost impossible in a gui setup.

For example, I have a script which grabs specific text content of a web page that tallies corona virus cases etc. and presents only that from
the cli as speech output.  It strings three programs and utilities in a row to get this result.  The output of each is passed on to the next
to get that and only that text from the web page total content.

On Mon, 15 Nov 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> You ever heard the saying, "the command line makes difficult tasks
> easy and impossible tasks merely difficult"?" There is a lot of truth
> to that. Often I can, w/a few keystrokes, relatively speaking,
> accomplish in minutes what it would take hours for a GUI to
> accomplish, assuming it could do so at all, which is not always
> accurate.
> Of course I'm saying there should be accessible GUI apps for those who
> wish to use them. But even in century 21, there are still many cases
> where the cli is more powerful. Yeah, there are exceptions, but for
> the most part it holds true.
> On 11/15/21, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I prefer gui apps, because is 21st century, not time of first computers.
> > If we want linux will more popular, it must have more gui apps. I agree,
> > cli is better for older and slow computers or if you want work without
> > spinning computer ventilators, but learn with gui is in my oppinion
> > easier than cli.
> >
> > Take care.
> >
> > Best regards
> >
> > Vojta.
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> > Dne 15. 11. 21 v 18:59 Linux for blind general discussion napsal(a):
> >>
> >> The topic of using gui vs. cli came up recently.  My view is the cli
> >> allows much more individual control over software functions.  The gui is
> >> oftn limited to what the developer decides is best for you as to function
> >> and individual control.  The gui was originally sold as an easier
> >> way to use computers; which meant in practice the developer trying to
> >> guess how users might want to use it at the cost of greater individual
> >> control.
> >>
> >> Menu driven cli software is the obvious middle ground for ease of learning
> >> and using programs, which could easily use mouse input.  The
> >> developer could have a default setup for ease of beginner use.  But it was
> >> at the time not the new sexy flash bang eye candy which graphics
> >> allowed.
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