looking for Lennix distribution?

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Wed Nov 17 01:46:23 UTC 2021

     Good afternoon or good evening or whatever time it is wherever you 
are reading this. My subject line pretty much says everything there is 
to this message. I am looking for inappropriate Lennix distribution to 
run in a virtual environment. From everything I think I know, I'm 
thinking the best solution is something that can be installed easily, 
and allow me to install orca really quickly if not do it in the same 
install. Any good suggestions? I do have access to a Fedora core ISO 
image but I'm just wondering if there's something better or will this be 
sufficient? Looking forward to readig response wake up to my question.

Please be aware that I am dictating this to the computer and Windows. I 
am using dictation software because of an additional disability. If 
there's something that I've written about that you truly do not 
understand, please write me and asked me what I may have meant. I thank 
you kindly in advance for reading this.

On 11/16/2021 3:06 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Thank you Didier-and-Kyle. I will certainly run your command, but do I 
> need to un mount anything? I would also figure I would be sitting 
> outside of that mdeia directory? O-and-yes, Didier, it is vfat.
> Chime
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