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Alright, so...

You got a lot of choices as far as distros go. They can be broken down 
into several categories or tiers.

1. Hugely popular:

This is your Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch level stuff, the most popular, most 
well supporteed, e.g. Ubuntu and its spins, Mint, Fedora, et al.

2. The less well supported but still popular ones:

You got your Solus, your Arch/Ubuntu spins in here, your Debians and so 
on go here because they aren't /as/ beginner friendly as an Ubuntu or 
Mint or as hugely popular even if there's nothing technically wrong with 
them (looking at you, Solus...)

3. The niche ones:

Like it says. This is your niche, EduBuntu and so forth, your Spatri's 
distro type stuff.

Now...what would I suggest for someone just starting out?

Stick with teir 1. Ubuntu, Fedora or Mint are my suggestions since all 
have a massive userbase with a lot of support and folks who can help out.

Slint/Slackware is not, IMO, beginner friendly if you're coming over 
from Windows or Mac. Same for Debian which is a giant leap from Windows. 
Ubuntu/Mint/Fedora/Solus are all click next, next, next, let it install, 
which is a lot more Windows-like than having to go through a text only 
installer when you're used to a whole other way of doing things.

So of all the beginner friendly distros? I'd suggest Mint Mate, mostly 
because it's one I've tested in a VM and it works fairly well, Solus is 
another I'd suggest but it lacks programs (or packages in Linux speak) 
you may need. Mint has a lot of programs out of the box and has done 
things to make the system work better.

If you got the HDD or SSD space, I'd say try out a bunch of distros and 
use the one you like. My problem with blind-specific distors is I've 
always run into the 'we turned off updating so not to break things and 
we need this exact version' attitudes even when there's kernel and 
program updates that don't, in fact, break stuff. Looking at you, 
Coconut and Vinux for that one...

On 11/17/21 01:46, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>     Good afternoon or good evening or whatever time it is wherever you 
> are reading this. My subject line pretty much says everything there is 
> to this message. I am looking for inappropriate Lennix distribution to 
> run in a virtual environment. From everything I think I know, I'm 
> thinking the best solution is something that can be installed easily, 
> and allow me to install orca really quickly if not do it in the same 
> install. Any good suggestions? I do have access to a Fedora core ISO 
> image but I'm just wondering if there's something better or will this 
> be sufficient? Looking forward to readig response wake up to my question.
> Please be aware that I am dictating this to the computer and Windows. 
> I am using dictation software because of an additional disability. If 
> there's something that I've written about that you truly do not 
> understand, please write me and asked me what I may have meant. I 
> thank you kindly in advance for reading this.
> On 11/16/2021 3:06 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Thank you Didier-and-Kyle. I will certainly run your command, but do 
>> I need to un mount anything? I would also figure I would be sitting 
>> outside of that mdeia directory? O-and-yes, Didier, it is vfat.
>> Chime
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