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Thu Nov 18 04:58:10 UTC 2021

Fedora allows installation on USB media. I was also able to start an install to 
an SD card inserted into the slot on my computer, but the slot writes so slow 
that I couldn't get halfway through the install in 8 hours, so I gave up on 
that. On the other hand, USB worked perfectly, both on a thumb drive and using a 
USB card reader.

Yes, Fedora can be made to talk quite easily right out of the box. I didn't try 
Fedora Workstation, but I did get Fedora MATE Compiz working from the spins 
page, and this is my daily driver now. I did notice that I didn't have access on 
the MATE spin to the alt+super+s shortcut to start Orca on either the live image 
or after installation, but entering orca in the run window certainly does work 
in both cases, and although I did need to tick the assistive technologies 
checkbox on the installed OS, I didn't have to do this on the live iso to gain 
access to a speaking installer. Hope this helps.

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