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Thu Nov 18 16:53:22 UTC 2021

Thanks Kyle,

I downloaded the Fedora Mate version and I put it on a bootable usb 
drive, then I ran it and got orca to talk. For whatever reason, the 
speech came out of my laptop built-in speakers, not through my headset 
as I prefer. Braille did not come up at all, although my vario ultra is 
connected. I hit insert space and checked the orca settings and found 
Braille enabled there. I find this strange. I did not have this problem 
with mint, or slint, or coconut. It looks that the fedora team needs to 
do a little more work to make it better.



On 11/18/21 9:58 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Fedora doesn't need Speakup for the installation process. Just boot up 
> the live image, press alt+f2 and enter
> orca
> in the run window. Once Orca starts, you will find the installer on 
> the desktop if you're running the MATE version. If you run the GNOME 
> version, known as Fedora Workstation, you will need to hit the super 
> key and find the installer from there. The MATE desktop tends to have 
> better accessibility with Orca, so I use and highly recommend it. The 
> installer will see your USB drive, which you can configure for 
> automatic installation. Hope it helps.
> ~Kyle
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