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Thu Nov 18 22:00:36 UTC 2021

If you like Ubuntu, you will pretty much feel at home on Mint or even Coconut. 
That said, the original Mint uses the Cinnamon desktop, and I haven't tried that 
out. All these children and grandchildren of Debian tend to mix versions of 
components of desktop environments though, which I found to be a major 
inconvenience. I found this to be especially bad where GNOME was concerned, but 
my guess is that other desktop environments probably have similar issues, with 
the possible exception of Cinnamon, which is developed by Mint I believe. The 
other problem I found in such distros is that many software packages and 
libraries are especially old, so they tend to be a better fit for servers, where 
for some reason administrators seem to like their software to be old. That said, 
I installed Ubuntu to my servers, since at that time, most of the software, 
though old, was newer than the software in the Debian repositories at that time. 
Still, I find it hard to recommend Debian or Ubuntu derivatives for desktop 
users who want to keep their systems updated with the latest software.

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