looking for Lennix distribution?

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Fri Nov 19 01:26:44 UTC 2021

The answer will depend on which desktop you chose.  If it's gnome, you
use ctrl-alt-tab to get to the top bar, once there, use right arrow to
move to the networks section, down once and hit 'enter on "select a
network".  This will show a menu of available networks; hit 'enter' on
the one you want.

If you're using mate, do ctrl+alt+tab to reach the top panel.  Tab or
arrow around the options, till you reach the second item that just says
"icon", and hit space or enter.  You should be able to arrow around
these options, they're your network connections.  Not sure why Fedora
doesn't include nmtui. 




On 11/18/21 8:19 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> What is the exact way of getting the list of wi-fi networks available
> so that I can connect to the internet with fedora? 

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