looking for Lennix distribution?

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Fri Nov 19 04:30:52 UTC 2021

Yes. The dnf dragora updater does in fact work. You have to hit either your menu 
key or shift+f10 on it and select update. Then you can push the select all 
button followed by apply. If you want, you can see exactly which packages are 
being updated before you apply the update. Once you click on apply, just press 
the enter key when the window pops up and then it will ask you to authenticate. 
Once you do that, just wait for it to stop chattering or beeping, depending on 
your progress settings. I hit either tab or shift+tab periodically at that point 
just to be sure it's safe to quit, as the select all button and the search box 
will come back when the update is complete. Otherwise, you only have the quit 
button, and you wouldn't want to quit in the middle of the update.

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