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Ah, That is interesting. I do not remember the bootloader option. I will 
try to reinstall again and uncheck the bootloader. I bet it is the 
bootloader that changed my bios bootup options and made the usb as the 

At what stage of the installation the bootloader question? I do not 
remember seeing it.



On 11/19/21 4:00 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I never experienced speech being cut off in the middle of any update 
> or install here, but I didn't try installing 35 either. I installed 34 
> without any issues at all, then updated to 35 alpha and then to 
> rawhide. All went as expected, and I actually find this to be the 
> smoothest running OS I've used, with the possible exception of Arch 
> ... after it's installed and all the manual configurations are done.
> Installing to an external drive does require that the boot loader not 
> be installed. There is a checkbox to install the bootloader, and you 
> can untick that before installation.
> Regarding braille, this may in fact be a problem that I haven't tested 
> yet. I can't be certain of what is causing the problem, but if I find 
> it, I'll report back here. Fedora did get the latest version of brltty 
> less than 24 hours after it was released, but I'm not sure if that 
> fixed any problems or caused new ones. I do have a display I can use 
> to test things and try to get things working, and I do have a Fedora 
> account, so I should have no trouble reporting any bugs I find.
> ~Kyle
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