Ideal temperature

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Sat Nov 20 17:14:27 UTC 2021

Hello all,

please, how much can Raspberry Pi 4B be warm and not suffer? What 
temperature is ideal for Raspberry and what is uncomfortable for it when 
I am using Mate desktop and Orca in Ubuntu mate 20.04? When I had only 
passive cooling, my Rpi 4B had 58 degrees and was slower, now with 
active cooling it has only 34 degrees and it's quick and no sluggish, 
but if I want to read or watch film, the sound of cooling is a little 
annoying for me. But I don't want suffering for my Raspberry, because I 
like it. I am thinking to unplug active cooling, but I am afraid about 
my raspberry condition. I can't buy any other active cooling, because it 
wouldn't be joined in my Zonepi box, in what I have my Pi installed.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards


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