Ideal temperature

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Sat Nov 20 22:49:30 UTC 2021

Bit off topic, but Travis's comment about crazy overclocking reminded
me of something from the Pentium 4 days:

If memory serves, in those days, the fastest Pentiums ran at 3.6 GHz
and there were people trying to overclock to 5Ghz, but even pouring
liquid nitrogen directly on the chip, they only got somewhere in the 4
GHz range before things started overheating. Admittedly, I'm pretty
sure ARM chips produce much less heat than Pentiums, but really, the
only reason CPUs can't do double duty as space heaters is because a
single CPU is too small.

That said, 34 degrees C might be the lowest CPU temp I've ever heard
of, I'm use to systems being at least 40C even when idling... even
when the room is cold.

Still, 40 below is crazy cold and I suspect most people are going to
have much bigger cold-related problems on their hands(such as not
dying of hypothermia) long before their Raspberry Pi gets too cold to
work properly.

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