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and what about turning off and on the cooling? What about writing script 
to automatically turn on and off the cooling when is needed or some 
script to turn on and off the cooling by key binding or command? Is it 
possible? I have Monitor toggle script to turn off and on the screen. Is 
it possible to do with cooling?

Thanks a lot.

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Dne 20. 11. 21 v 22:33 Linux for blind general discussion napsal(a):
> Hello Vojta,
> On 2021-11-20 16:14 UTC, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> please, how much can Raspberry Pi 4B be warm and not suffer? What
>> temperature is ideal for Raspberry and what is uncomfortable for it
> The higher the temperature the more your Raspberry suffers. That's
> why in the firmware there are limiters which step in whenever the die
> temperature gets too high. The limiters function so that you shouldn't
> be able to break your Raspberry due to excess heat.
>> when I am using Mate desktop and Orca in Ubuntu mate 20.04? When I had
>> only passive cooling, my Rpi 4B had 58 degrees and was slower, now
>> with active cooling it has only 34 degrees and it's quick and no
>> sluggish, but if I want to read or watch film, the sound of cooling is
> I assume you are relating to degrees Celsius (aka Centigrade).
> Whenever the SoC temperature reaches certain limit the firmware reduces
> processor frequency hence lowering the SoC die temperature so that
> it would not die due to excess heat. It sounds like your cooling is
> really good.
>> a little annoying for me. But I don't want suffering for my Raspberry,
>> because I like it. I am thinking to unplug active cooling, but I am
>> afraid about my raspberry condition. I can't buy any other active
>> cooling, because it wouldn't be joined in my Zonepi box, in what I
>> have my Pi installed.
> You either let firmware do its frequency lowering due to temperature
> rising (caused by watching films and other computationally heavy loads),
> add bigger (passive) heat sink or just live with your present active
> cooling.
> Regards,
> Birdie

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