Fedora and virtual machines not starting

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Thu Nov 25 00:32:33 UTC 2021

I've no sound with 35, but sound with 34 however using quickemu/quickget 
though. I'm curious if dider runs into this too on F35, or if it';s 
something only we're running into? A quick Google points me to similar 
issues with the 20X series of releases but those were wolved a long time 

It's strangre. I'm using a USB headset however, and I can't think of a 
reason why F34 would work but not F35 on the exact same system

On 11/25/21 00:25, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Could be something with Solus. I get no sound at all using 34 MATE or 
> Workstation in plain qemu. But this seems odd, considering all the 
> audio issues I've had with Solus, both in vm's and on bare metal. That 
> said, I wonder if I should try this using a snap or flatpak if either 
> is available, since I have issues with Fedora's version of MAME that I 
> don't have with the snap, although I can't say that I've had any other 
> issues with Fedora's default packages.
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