More Fedora ISO weirdness

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Thu Nov 25 14:28:21 UTC 2021

So...this just got weirder.

I got sound from the F34 iso. It installed fine. However, there's no 
sound on the installed system at all and looking around on DDG shows it 
as an issue with wireplumber.

So...Kyle at al.

Aside from Arch. What other distros cover most* of what Fedora does, 
with up to date apps, snap/flatpack support, a ton of packages in the 
repo (I tend to lean heavily on building from source/snaps or flatpacks 
over here on Solus) and, crucially, is an easy install?

I'll give Fedora points for a flawless install without issues like 
Ubiquity or Solus's installer and how easy it was.

That being said, before I totally give up on Fedora. Is there a link to 
the Mate 34 spin? I was going to see if that was a thing and try using 
that as a last ditch effort. I had sound from the (Gnome) live .iso and 
that worked fine, if a bit laggy. But once installed?

Nope. Nothing.

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