looking for two gui accessible applications

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Fri Nov 26 02:01:10 UTC 2021

Hi Chime,

I think it will use yt-dlp if available (and maybe if youtube-dl is not?)

But you made me find a better one, fork of straw-viewer:

I just followed the instructions tp try it on Slint, having yt-dlp installed
and youtube-dl removed.

It worked. And pipe-viewer doesn't need a Google API.


Le 26/11/2021 à 01:24, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Hi Didier-and-All: Its interesting if I download the same youtube file 
> with both youtube-dl and yt-dlp, the size-and-length it takes to grab it 
> are quite different. I don't know whether I could point youtube-viewer 
> to grab with yt-dlp? Thanks in advance
> Chime

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