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Now that I think about it, don't some IDE offer tab completion on
functions found in a support language's standard libraries and names
of variables and functions defined within the source code file being
edited? It's been a long time since I used an IDE and it's a use case
that doesn't come up in an end user context, so it slipped my mind.

On 11/28/21, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com> wrote:
> One place where I find tab completion quite useful is in things like the
> program
> known as doctl, which interfaces to the DigitalOcean API, which I use to
> control
> DNS for my website domains. This saves me a little time in most cases, as I
> don't have to log into the website and find the necessary links, buttons and
> controls to change a dns record. These days, I do this rather infrequently,
> so
> going to the website is probably fine, but I still tend to use the doctl
> command
> when I need to make a small change here or there, especially if I need to
> add a
> temporary TXT record that I will be deleting in a short time.
> This doctl program has a completion command that generates tab completions
> for
> various shells. So even before I authorized doctl to connect to my account
> for
> the first time, I just ran
> doctl completion bash >> ~/.bashrc
> and I get tab completions for all the commands and flags available on the
> doctl
> command line. So for example, if I want to update an existing record, I
> would
> normally need to run this command
> doctl compute domain records update --record-id 123456789 --record-data
> But with the completions in place, all I need to run is
> doctl c <tab> do <tab> r <tab> u <tab> --r <tab> i <tab> 123456789 --r <tab>
> d
> <tab>
> Yes, I still have to get this record ID, which is in fact a 9-digit number
> in
> many cases, but I can pipe
> doctl c <tab> do <tab> r <tab> ls domain.ext
> into a file and paste the ID I want into the update command. It is certainly
> a
> roundabout way of doing things, but it can still be faster than logging into
> the
> website and finding the DNS controls there. It would be really good to have
> a
> zenity or yad interface to this program, and maybe I'll get around to
> scripting
> something like this at some point. For now though, tab completion works
> quite
> well here once the completion mappings are added, even if I'm just copying
> the
> doctl configuration from one machine to another so tha I don't have to
> reauthorize the program.
> ~Kyle
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