WEBM, is it the default option of yt-dlp downloads?

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Sun Nov 28 19:28:42 UTC 2021

Hi Didier: Yesterday I tried pipe-viewer, sure it works, but even with 
max results set at 50, I only get 20, unlike youtube-viewer where it is 50. 
When I had straw-viewer, I noticed, you could get away with max results at 58 
but half of the items were duplicates. By the way, my Linux person wrote me an 
alias to update youtube-viewer. Actually, its short enough.
cd /home/chime/youtube-viewer/
git fetch
git merge

perl Build.PL
sudo /home/chime/youtube-viewer/./Build installdeps
sudo /home/chime/youtube-viewer/./Build install
Back again live, I just type "tube" and now I am at 3.9.6

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