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Sun Nov 28 21:36:39 UTC 2021

Le 28/11/2021 à 21:58, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Didier,
> On Sun, 28 Nov 2021, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> PS and OT: My friend, isn't it time enough that you manage your Linux 
>> system
>> yourself most of the time, not relying on your Linux specialist or Linux
>> person, however you call they?
> May I ask how you can make a statement about the life situation of 
> another person?
> Unless you are thinking that every Linux user is like yourself of course.
> The co-working space where my Toronto office is based has a technician 
> who we all  rely on to manage the many different tools individuals use 
> on a daily basis...so we can get on with the business of doing our jobs.
> Likewise I personally rely on the professional expertise  of those who 
> manage shellworld, so I can get on with what I am expert in, critical 
> when someone seems to do what you are suggesting, project  their 
> personal understanding  of Linux onto  this service.  Someone has 
> damaged a critical program  that we are all forced to deal with at the 
> time.
> We have engaged in this discussion before.
> One reason speaking personally why I feel Linux enjoys less of the 
> commercial market  is because, to really make it work, you must be a 
> programmer.  Especially given all the layers of the distributions, and 
> the many distributions involved.
> If chime has managed to find someone interested enough to write scripts 
> for him, and   incorporate Linux elements for him, who are you to judge?
> His life, his machine, and his resources.
> Karen

Chime, I am sorry if you took my statement as a judgment and apologize.

I wrote it because from our previous email exchanges I am under the 
that you have enough skills to do things that your linux person does for you
and remembering the old saying: if you give someone a fish you feed them 
for a
day, but if you teach them to fish, you feed them forever". I am not a
programmer myself, and do ask for help when needed.

But that's just my way and anyway I realize that I should not have 
posted in a
public mailing list so, again, I apologize.

Karen, about Linux: I personally prefer FreeBSD (having installed GhostBSD,
which is easier), but will continue to base Slint on Slackware if I can as
Linux has a wider hardware support. But I agree there are too many Linux
distributions, desktops, packages formats etc.

PS I wouldn't have added to this dispersion of efforts creating Slint, 
would my
proposal to help internationalize Slackware and make it more accessible had
been accepted.


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