--force-renderer-accessibility not working lately

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Mon Nov 29 15:34:10 UTC 2021


1. Open up .bashrc (if you're using bash, I'm not sure what it is for 

2. Add this line at the end. I put it after the very end of the file, 
with a line break to seperate exporting variables to make it easier to 
read. Put the following in your .bashrc and save it


Save it, and open up a terminal, and check the variables with listvars

You should see ACCESSIBILITY_ENABLED=1 in the list. Now, try the 
--force-renderer-accessibility  flag again

On 11/29/21 15:13, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have tried this in both Slint and Fedora, and I've not had any luck 
> making the --force-renderer-accessibility flag work with either 
> Google-Chrome or Skype, both applications for which this flag use to 
> work very well in the past.
> Am I missing something, or am I just out of luck here.
> Unfortunately, I actually need this to work, otherwise, I'll just have 
> to use the MacBook to do my job.

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