What is the easiest and most accessible editor?

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Mon Nov 29 22:01:59 UTC 2021

I actually have a computer science degree and still find both emacs
and vi to be riddles, wrapped in mysteries, inside enigmas and I
should probably figure out a way to add puzzle, conundrum, and a few
other synonyms to that Matryoshka doll of an idiom.

I don't doubt the claims they are powerful bits of kit once mastered,
but they certainly for the faint of heart and not a good choice if you
just want to edit the occasional config file.

I personally use Nano, and it lets you just enter nano to open a blank
file you can just start typing in or nano path/to/filename.ext to open
an existing file, but it does have some commands that might throw
people coming from a grapphical editor or word processor for a
loop(e.g. save is ctrl+o, not ctrl+s, quit is ctrl+x, not ctrl+q) and
has cut and paste that is line based instead of selection based(e.g.
ctrl+k cuts the current line in its entirety, repeating ctrl+k without
otheer input continues adding lines to the cut buffer, ctrl+u uncuts
evereything in the cut buffer, copying is accomplished by uncutting
where youo cut, then uncutting again where you want the copy). Also,
pressing ctrl+g will bring up nano's full command list, while the most
commond commandsare printed on the bottom two lines of the screen.

For simpler console text editors, there's also Micro, which is similar
to Pico/nano, but has key bindings more in line with the majority of
graphical editors.

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