What is the easiest and most accessible editor?

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Tue Nov 30 19:15:41 UTC 2021

I'll admit, while I'm used to them, nano's use of w and q for
searching forward and back are very non-intuitive from an English
speaking perspective... and it's annoying as heck when I press ctrl+w
to search for something thinking I'm in nano only to realize too late
that I'm in Firefox and just closed my active tab... doubly so if I
had typed something long in that tab that isn't guaranteed to be there
when I reopen the tab or if it was the only open tab, which on my
setup not only closes Firefox, but quits the GUI altogether... Thank
Turing ctrl+q no longer closes Firefox without prompt if multiple tabs
are open and that I never really got in the habit of searching
backward in nano(going to close the active tab and accidentally
quitting the whole program takes t he cake).

Though, now I'm curious... where did the Desktop standard keybindings
of xcv for cut, copy, paste, a for select all, p for print, safor
save, biu forr bold, italic, underline, z forr undo, etc. originate?
My guess is that most GUI applications under Linux copied them from
Windows aplications because much of the effort with the Linux Desktop
has focused on making the transition from Windows easier, and I'm
guessing most Windows applications copied them from Microsoft, but did
they originate with Microsoft or did Microsoft take them from
somewhere else?

And yeah, this thread has long stopped really being about the
"easiest" text editor if it ever really was.

On 11/30/21, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com> wrote:
> Frankly, at this point I do not understand most of the points in the
> discussion,
> but that is due to lack of knowledge on my part about the working of Linux.
> Not really. It has little to do with a lack of knowledge of the working of
> Linux
> and more to do with a lack of knowledge of the power user stuff that you may
> or
> may not want to even try to wrap your brain around just yet, and there's
> nothing
> wrong with that. A lack of knowledge of the internals of advanced Linux is
> far
> different from a lack of knowledge of the working of Linux. You're doing
> fine,
> you're just getting a bit confused by all the techno babble, which is
> understandable.
> I believe it was you who started this thread, and the subject is still
> written
> as "What is the easiest and most accessible editor?" The answers you got
> back
> are indeed frightening, and if I didn't know any better, some of them would
> have
> made me run as far away from Linux as possible, as although all of these are
> accessible to screen reader users, most of them are anything but easy.
> ~Kyle
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