What is the easiest and most accessible editor?

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Tue Nov 30 20:27:07 UTC 2021

I believe what we have come to know as standard desktop keys may have come from 
some fairly old word processors, although most I knew of 30 to 35 years ago 
didn't have most of the cut, copy and paste keys and such. I remember an old DOS 
editor called Boxer that if I remember correctly had many of the selection 
arrows and such, and I seem to recall being able to cut, copy and paste in a 
similar way. There once was a word processor known as Word Perfect that came 
with a computer running DOS 6 I had 25 to 30 years ago, and if I remember 
correctly, it may have use some of these same keys. I specifically remember it 
having a blue screen background, and pressing shifted arrows would highlight the 
selected text white. I don't remember if it used the control+x, c and v for cut, 
copy and paste, but it seems it may have.

As for control+q and control+w, q means quit, and w is for window, which closes 
the current tab or window, but alt+f4 can do the same, which I do believe came 
from older desktop operating systems. I don't like what I call stupid questions 
that make me take extra steps just to close a window that I really did want to 
close already, which is why it's unfortunate that Nano and I believe also Pico 
chose these keys to perform searches, especially since I can derive no mnemonic 
from the keys. I'm so glad we have Micro these days. Where has this gem been all 
my life of using ssh and other terminals?

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