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Fri Oct 8 00:15:09 UTC 2021

A nice feature of the menu system:  hit the 'super; key and start 
typing. You'll get an incremental
> search of application names and descriptions, and pages in the control center gui.

This menu is a very nice addition to the MATE desktop, and is packaged 
for other distributions as well. In Arch, I found mate-menu in the AUR, 
and in Fedora, it's packaged in the repository already. If you like the 
Mint menu, just install the mate-menu package, go to the top left corner 
of the screen, or bottom left if you only have the bottom panel, right 
click the menu bar, remove it from the panel, then just hit your right 
click or menu key again and click "Add to panel." Select "Advanced MATE 
Menu" from the list of applets you can add and then just activate the 
add button. The best part is that your 3-part menu bar gets replaced 
with this really nice super key menu that includes the incremental 
search, but you still have access to a menu that combines applications, 
system and places into a single menu using alt_f1. I performed this menu 
replacement surgery on my Fedora machine first about a week or two ago, 
and I just did it on the Arch machine today. Personally, I like it 
better than Brisk, which I found first, from a post on this list actually.


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