Any suggestions of what distro of Linux I should load onto a new computer?

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Tue Oct 12 23:31:40 UTC 2021

I didn't have any audio problems with 34. Upgraded to Rawhide about 2 
weeks ago, which is now ahead of 35 beta and is numbered as 36 
currently. Only audio issue I have had involved having to run

systemctl --user restart wireplumber

after trying to do some music-related work involving fluidsynth, 
audacity, pactl and pw-link. The culprit at this point appears to be 
pavucontrol, which is silencing my headphones when I open the recording 
tab while audacity is recording. MATE sound seems not to have that 
problem, but I think I did something else wrong somewhere, as now my 
midi keyboard is silent where it was playing through Fluidsynth. I will 
figure it out and report the bug in Fedora's bug tracker, since I have 
an account there now. Just need to try to find a shorter list of steps 
to reproduce the bug, and hopefully rule out some specific applications. 
Looks like a pavucontrol bug, but I'll need to be sure.


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