Can I run an accessible version of linux under windows?

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Fri Oct 29 16:09:07 UTC 2021

I just realized that I gave you the wrong keyboard command to start the 
Orca screen reader. The correct keyboard command is Alt+Super+s. 
Remember that Super is the same as the Windows logo key.  If you are in 
the Linux desktop, you can also press the Alt+F2 combo and type Orca and 
press Enter. The Alt+F2 combo brings up a Run command box, where you can 
type commands. Also in the Mint Mate desktop, pressing Alt+F1 brings up 
a menu, which you can navigate with the arrow keys. Pressing the Super 
key by itself also brings up a menu much the same as the Windows start 
menu. Here, there is a search box where you can search for commands. For 
example, if you type "power", it will bring up entries related to power 
management. You can use the arrow keys to highlight the one you are 
interested in and press Enter to open that program.

Sorry about that. Too many keyboard commands floating around in this old 


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