Non-visual mind mapping alternatives

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Fri Apr 1 19:57:28 UTC 2022

Tim here.  If you already use emacs, orgmode really is a great fit.
One of the other aspects of mind-maps involves the ability to create
links between arbitrary between nodes on the map (branches of the
tree).  I *think* that orgmode supports this, but you'd have to
research doing it.

As a second possibility, I (a vi/vim/ed user, and not steeped in the
ways of emacs/orgmode) tend to use graphviz.  It's a particular format
of plain-text/mark-up file processed by a suite of tools (I most
frequently use "dot") that convert the graph-description into any
number of output image-formats.

Both are plain-text and can be transformed into other formats, stored
edited in your favorite text-editor, in your favorite version-control,
and synched around as you see fit.

Hope this gives you some other ideas,


On April  1, 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Oh yeah thinking about this more, it seems that an outline format
> may be helpful. If I'm interpreting this right, the diagram just
> visualizes an outline anyway, so this does look like what I will
> need. I can probably do that in simple Markdown without having to
> learn EMACS or anything more complex. Definitely keep the tips
> coming. Thanks.
> ~Kyle
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