different desktops

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Thu Apr 7 12:12:30 UTC 2022

F10 unfortunately is doing nothing for me. I was able to get to the 
keyboard shortcuts through the super key menu, but I see nothing that 
goes to a status bar, system tray, panel or anything else, unless I want 
desklets, but super+s, which is supposed to show this desklet thing is 
also doing nothing here. Alt+f1 is the workspace selection, which is 
also activated with alt+control+up arrow, alt+f2 is the run window, and 
alt+control+down arrow activates the window switcher. I got the clock 
and calendar to show using super+c, and super+e will open my home 
folder. I can also access notifications using super+n, which does allow 
me to interact with them normally. I don't seem to get any reaction from 
mouse movement though. Nothing opens up, and Orca's speak object under 
mouse functionality is largely silent when I don't have a window open on 
the current workspace.


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