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Thu Apr 7 12:35:22 UTC 2022

How accessible at installing and beyond is cinnamon?

I didn't try the Cinnamon Fedora spin, but it's ... OK. It plays sounds 
for windows opening and closing, maximizing and unmaximizing, switching 
workspaces, at startup, many more places than I hear sounds in MATE. 
This is good, but lots of flat review has to be used in the super key 
menu as well as in the window and workspace selectors. I can interact 
with notifications using super+n, and that even shows me a clock. But I 
can't find things like NetworkManager, my DNF Dragora applet, a system 
tray or anything else like this, with the exception of the clock that is 
present on the notification list and the calendar that opens up with a 
clock when I press super+c. Most things if not accessible with standard 
keyboard functions like tabs, arrows, etc. are accessible via flat 
review. Bottom line, if you don't like using flat review or if you need 
a system tray, steer clear ... unless I missed something. Otherwise, it 
seems like it has come a long way, although much work is still needed to 
bring it up to par with MATE or probably even with GNOME.


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