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Well there is a context menu  ( dragonFM calls it Details, because it also shows file properties like size, mime and a list of available actions) with all available options by pressing F10 
Some actions are only available for given mime types like compress current only for zip and tar, others could be addad very easy. By default dragonfm does not use atool but unzip command for zip files and tar of course for tar those need to be installed or confured to use something else.  (I can give you a more detailed information how to configure those stuff if you are interested in)

DragonFM reads the Escape sequences from stdin to detect shortcuts (like almost any other CLI application)
Some important basic translation help (we should add the shortcuts as comments to the settings file lol )
^ = CTRL
[ = Alt
Uppercase letter = shift + letter
lowercase letter = just the letter
An other example:
^[u translates as ctrl + alt + u

There are some specials like arrow keys or escape.
Escape is translated by ^[

(by the way many shortcuts are similar to other graphical file managers BUT shift + arrow for mark files is different as i could not figure how to read this from an escape sequence, because there is no uppercase arrow *smile*)

Development was sponsored by F123 project. Today known as stormux. Sadly i did not wire a lot of documentation but you can ask me everything you want to know :).

Cheers chrys

> Am 08.04.2022 um 18:41 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com>:
> So I gave it a shot and it feels logical and well laid out, for the most
> part
> BUt I'm struggling on a few things. I have it going and want to unzip an
> archive from within it. In NNN I can just do that and work with atool. I
> can't seem to find the keys to start extracting an archive or how
> Dragonfm handles that at all, Ive only found unextract with ^(U in the
> config, which I've no clue what it translates to in terms of actual keys
> aside from ctrl and U. It's the ( I'm stumped on
> See my main gripe with NNN is if I use it in a terminal I have to hit O,
> w3m and c to open an html doc in w3m else it loads up in Firefox. Now
> granted I've not tried it on a pure TTY but...on a terminal, xdg-open
> overrides browser being set as an environment variable
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